AllenCOCO Baroque Pearl Choker Necklace Strands Short Tiny Adjustable Chain

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Product Description

We founded AllenCOCO to bring clarity to the jewelry industry. Having spent many years working for traditional luxury brands, the opaque savoir-faire, dubious manufacturing, and retail markups did not look right to us. We want to write a more beautiful story from beginning to end—starting with recycled materials whenever possible, transparent business practices always, and small-batch designs that are kind to the Earth. We create sustainably-crafted pieces that bring joy to those who wear them, and to those who make them, with the conviction that luxury can be enjoyed without excess.

Baroque pearl choker

AllenCOCO Baroque Pearl Choker Necklace

We use cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels that we carefully select for our pieces. Pearls are sensitive in nature, so don’t forget to treat them with love.

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